Our formula to success, is simply our mission statement,



If you want to SELL your BUSINESS, or find an INVESTOR to buy a share and inject finance into your BUSINESS, or find a BUSINESS to BUY/INVEST in- WIN4ME is able to help you achieve this! 

When it comes to the critical matter of buying or selling a business, and properly evaluating a business, large amounts of money are at stake.  

An asset value is determined by negotiating between a buyer and seller who are both knowledgeable and willing.

Using professional services ensures that you will successfully negotiate the business maze and obtain the best value possible. 

Have a professional Business Plan or Valuation conducted for your business. We are the professionals in this area. 

  • Clients may have many reasons to sell a business, including retirement and fitting in with a current strategy. 
  • Clients have many reasons to buy a business, such as acquisition in terms of growth, or generation of greater profit. 

We use a dedicated team of Professional Accountants (SA) who add enormous value when you need it. You are able to call on us for a FREE meeting wherein we will analyse your unique situation. 

The team offers bookkeeping services and business consulting services. It assists with Business Plans and Business Turn Around help.

We have a dedicated Social Media Department. We use the dynamic and ever growing Social Media networks to boost performance.  


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