Our formula to success, is simply our mission statement,



We only accept businesses that we believe we can sell, and then dedicate ourselves working according to our process, to sell them.

 We always require a sole mandate to sell your business, because we commit to working with effort, and we require your commitment as well.

Our first meeting with you is free of charge, in order for us access whether we can achieve the end result of actually selling your business, AND for you to assess whether we are right for you. Once we have mutually agreed to sell your business, we engage in the following process:

1. Sales Pack and Valuation

In order to obtain maximum value for your business, we undertake an in-depth study of your business, and in the process prepare a detailed sales pack. This includes inter alia,  a business plan and professional valuation, as well as (and this is business specific) the relevant information needed such as Audited Accounts for the last two years; up to date management accounts, list of fixed assets and values, list of stock and values; lease agreements, staff contracts and salaries, licences; statutory documents, etc.

The key to obtaining maximum value for a business, is in the presentation, and this professional sales pack and valuation presents the business in its best light.

2. Fee

There is an upfront, non refundable fee, for the sales pack and valuation. This ranges from R10,000 to

R100,000 depending on the size of the business, and the scope of the work.

3. Target Buyer

Our first approach in finding a suitable buyer for your business, once we have prepared the sales pack and established a business value,  is to brain storm with the owner of the business as to likely purchasers, from his perspective. Often the owner has had previous approaches from perspective purchasers, and he knows his industry and the players therein, the best. Our second point of call, is to consult our own extensive data base of interested investors, and see if there is a fit.

In the unlikely event that the two above approaches have not resulted in a successful sale, we market your business through our dedicated social media department. This includes online marketing, though all the available social media forums.

We also feature the business on our own website. As a last resort, we advertise in the local news papers and financial magazines.

4. Probability of Success

By adopting a professional, comprehensive and detailed exercise to sell your business we have up to date, achieved a 90% success rate, in selling business that we undertake to sell. Our success fee for selling your business, ranges from 2.5% - 10% of the selling price, depending on the size of the business and scope of the work involved.

5. Dedication

We limit ourselves at any one time to a maximum of 20 businesses for sale, in order to work constantly and continuously on each and every business that we are selling. The work we input and our professional presentation combine to ensure that we add enormous value, with the ultimately successful outcome of actually selling your business.