Businesses for Sale


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Our formula to success, is simply our mission statement,



Magnificent Guest House, Conference Centre, Bed and Breakfast, Sports Bar, Restaurant, Chalets.

           This upmarket Guest house, containing 29 Double en-suite rooms, 2 conference / training rooms,

           reception, office, and dining room, is situated on a large property with lots of parking/helicopter pad, in

           MIDRAND. Excellent condition, recently renovated, and huge potential for growth and expansion.

           Mainly corporate clientele, low overheads and high profit margins. Very scarce property and business,

           going for a song.

           PRICE: R70 MILLION - R50 million deposit, remainder plus interest, monthly, over two years. 

Car Wash, Truck Wash, Diesel Depots and Restaurant FRANCHISES

           We have been privileged to be employed by a large Group, to be the exclusive sales team for their

           various franchises as described above. The franchises range from R350,000  for 100% ownership in a

           car wash, to R3 million for a 50% share in a Truckstop, Truckwash, Diesel depot and Restaurant. This

           unique Truckstop model, entails the franchisor sharing ownership on a 50 50 basis, with the

           franchisor actually operating the franchise themselves, thereby, leaving the franchisee the opportunity

           to pursue other interests, whilst earning between 30% to 100% returns per year. The holding company,

           and all other staff, are experts in their fields, and have proven successes. The FoodWorx container,

           will be sold on 100% basis, with an on going royalty.



                Truckwash Worx is a Franchise which is set up in a Truck stop location fulfilling the requirement of washing trucks overnight. Locations are presently being sourcedThe site will generate an expected average number of trucks to stop over per night in excess of 100 trucks per day. The conservative expected net profit for the first year is R2,623,400. The franchisor is anxious to hit the market by storm, and get as many franchises running as soon as possible. Hence he is selling a 50% share in each lucrative franchise for R1.3 million, although the franchise itself could conservatively be valued at R5 million. The franchisor's unique model is that the Franchisor runs the Truckwash franchise, leaving the franchisee the time to pursue other interests, and just be the recipient of annual dividends.

             PRICE R1.3 MILLION FOR 50% to build new sites as Franchisees are signed up.

           2.  GENERAL - FOODWORX CONTAINER  100% sale and run by Franchisee.

The above mentioned trucks stops are ideally situated in densely populated industrial areas and there is a huge need for food, snacks and coldrinks and basic necessities to be provided. Therefore Truckwash Worx has introduced the Foodworx Container  to supply this demand. This fully fitted out 12 metre container, with a concrete slab in front of it and a canopy overhead, will sell pap and wors, stew, hot chips, chicken etc., from the one hatch, and crisps, coldrinks, chocolates, buns, cakes etc., from the other. Budgeted to make a net profit of R600,000 in the first year, on the most conservative projections, this FoodWorx franchise is a steal, and a no brainer at R600,000. Future FoodWorx containers will be sold at R900,000 - this is the first one, hence the discount. An on going royalty of 10% will be paid to the franchisor. AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!!!!

             PRICE R600,000 FOR THE WHOLE FRANCHISE.



A site in Nigel has been obtained, on which a Truckstop is going to be built. There is a huge demand for a truckstop, in that trucks in the vicinity are being parked on pavements and open land, being fined, and stolen from. A diesel depot, a Truckwash facility and a Foodworx restaurant will also be built on the site. Expected minimum, most conservative estimated net profit for the year will be R5.5million. A no brainer.


            4.  ACTUAL Car Wash, in Boksburg, part of an Engen Garage.

The Car Wash in Boksburg still needs to be erected, but the site has been secured, in the busiest road in Boksburg, attached to a busy Engen Garage, with 600 cars stopping there per day. This Car Wash Opportunity is a great investment, and will be run by the franchisor. It is an excellent locations and allows the investor to get in on ground floor. 

             PRICE R350,000 for 100% Franchise in Boksburg.

            5. GENERAL -  Car Wash Businesses on request.

The Franchisor, will, on instructions from a perspective Franchisee, source a car wash site in the area requested by the Franchisee, tie up the lease, build the Car Wash, according to the Franchise standards, supplying machinery and equipment, signage, wash bays, drying bays, train the staff, supply uniforms, and hand over a turnkey situation to a new franchisee. A non refundable upfront retainer of R50,000 will be required to start the process, and a further R300,000 will be required to pay for the Franchise, once the lease has been signed. Total cost will be R350,000 and because sites will be chosen in only high return areas, the franchisee will benefit, by building his Franchise into a R150,000 turnover generating car wash, which would normally have cost him R1 million, thereby saving R650,000. The Franchisor will continue to supply the Franchisee materials, and on going support for any problem areas, at a royalty fee of 5% per month on turnover.

            PRICE R350,000 for a car wash to be built in an area chosen by the Franchisee.


A fairly new concept, this innovative Franchisor also sells Mobile Car Washes, including, Machines, generator, trailer, uniforms, signage, materials etc. The Franchisee can chose where he wishes to wash cars or trucks, sourcing work from Businesses who require the car wash to come to them, and build up a very lucrative business. The sky is the limit, and an energetic franchisee, would run two or three of these mobile operations simultaneously.

              PRICE R150,000 FOR THIS LUCRATIVE OPPORTUNITY, WITH 5% on going monthly royalty for

              full support and supplying of materials.

Newly built Ice Cream Factory for sale.

           Owner has too many business interests and needs to focus. The Ice Cream Factory is fully functional, 

           at a cost of approximately R1.8 million to erect. Established blue chip customers love our ice cream,

           and the present manager, who has 27 years experience in the ice cream business, and is able to

           service and run the machines, as well as being known to all the customers, will stay on as a

           General Manager. Huge opportunity to get in on ground floor, with Yogurt recipes for winter, as well as

           specialised diabetic ice cream, adding to the flavour of this enticing business.

           PRICE R1,550,000 including agent's commission.

Galvanised Box Manufacturing Company for sale.

           Amazing opportunity to buy 8 year old profitable manufacturing business. Sales generating R40,000

           per month net profit, GUARANTEED for two years by seller, who is a distributor of the two products

           manufactured. Huge extra earnings potential, because demand is unlimited, and a double shift will 

           double profits.

           PRICE R3 MILLION - R2 MILLION DEPOSIT, remainder from profits of business!!!!

Retail Bedding and Furniture Store in Main Road in Benoni for sale.    EXTREMELY URGENT

           This one year old predominantly mattress retailer, has been profitable from day one. The mattress

           factory is owned by the owner of the store, and he wants to focus on the factory. He will however

           continue to supply the retail store on preferential terms, in order to continue building his brand of

           superior mattresses, carrying 2 to 20 year warranties, and being incredible value for money. This is a

           destination store, and with some marketing, can grow exponentially, especially in that mattresses can

           be sold via the telephone and internet.

           VALUED AT R1 MILLION, the owner will accept R300,000 for a quick sale. EXTREMELY URGENT

                                                  PRICE INCLUDES R200,000 STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R1 million for Jimmy's Killer Fish and Chips Franchise in Southgate Food Court.

            This highly successful HALAAL restaurant, is situated perfectly, with huge numbers of its Target

            Market, shopping in Southgate every day. The food court location is a highly sort after space, & this is

            a once in a life time opportunity, to buy this well known brand, in the perfect location.  The Halaal food

            preference, has become very popular, and this business is poised for huge success.

            PRICE R1 MILLION.

Very successful and profitable Game Lodge for sale.

           260 hectares. Lions, Cheetahs, Hyenas to mention a few. Beautiful Chalets, learner scheme in place.

           An opportunity of a lifetime to change your lifestyle, and simultaneously make money.

           R90 million NOT NEGOTIABLE.

Distributor for unique alcoholic beverage required, to partner with, or buy Importer.

           Frost Shot is a re-freezable frozen alcoholic double shot/shooter, packaged in a 50ml aluminium   

           sleeve for profitability and ease of enjoyment. It is a double Vodka in 5 various flavours. Owner has

           about R3 million stock, and needs a distributor already distributing to the liquor outlets, specifically,

           clubs and outlets that this product will fit in. Stock is available at 50% discount to current price, and

           owner has sole rights for Africa.

           Price for whole business R2 million.

Prime Property with signed up Billboard advertising generating 22.46% yield p.a.

           This property situated in a prime position, commercially zoned, has signed contracts with reputable 

           companies, for advertising on already erected bill boards, generating R102,940 p.m. This results in a 

           22.46% yield per annum. With gearing this increases substantially. Huge advantage - passive annuity 

           income, and if marketing is undertaken by the owner, income can be increased exponentially. 

           Property is registered in a company.

           Price: R5.5 million. 

Unique Entertainment / Theme Park Project, relating to the Tourist Industry.

           R90 million required to develop a unique entertainment / Theme Park project. Very high returns in a

           first for South Africa, although proven in 23 locations world wide, including the USA, UK, Europe,

           Singapore, Russia, Dubai, etc. Amazing opportunity to make huge profits.

40 Year old established PICTURE FRAMER for sale - Owner retiring.

                This well established business, is in the heart of and on the main road of a busy Northern suburbs

           suburb. It would suit somebody who wants to run their own business, and who could be hands on,

           framing and cutting etc. Customers are long standing, and no marketing is done. The present

           owner earns a net profit of approximately R30,000 per month, and with a bit of advertising, the new

           owner could easily double these figures. Great opportunity to own your own business and earn a

           decent living.

           Price: R450,000


 Business Brokerage selling 25% share to BEE Partner

            Hugely successful business brokerage is looking for a BEE Partner. In addition to the present achievements of the  

            present business, there is no limit to the potential of this business,especially with the added advantage of a BEE


            Price R500,000 for 25% share.


Short Term Business Investment Company

         The company has no expenses and it merely houses hugely under priced businesses, which it purchases

         for resale in the short term.

         Price R1,000,000 for a 50% share.


              A huge nursery. One of a kind, this business generates good profits with massive extra 
         potential, for example for a Gauteng nursery to obtain a footprint in KwaZulu Natal. 
         Nursery and beautiful home housing full nursery to be negotiated at give away price.
         Price R950,000 for house. R2,2 million for Nursery.