Our formula to success, is simply our mission statement,



We have a number of investors/purchasers looking for businesses, with capital available, ranging from R100,000 to R100,000,000, some as silent partners, others as working partners. 


If you have a business for sale, or want to sell a share in your business for cash flow purposes, looking for an investor, then please contact us.

We follow the same process as described under the section " Want to sell your Business".


Some examples of INVESTORS on our data base.....




            We have an investor, with unlimited funds, who wishes to invest anything from R400,000 to R400 

            million in exciting businesses. His ideal, would be a small to medium size business, lacking finance and

            expertise, where he could use his expertise to grow it exponentially, with finance being no problem. But

            he is open to any proposition, where finance and or expertise is required. He just has an appetite to 



       2.   Private investor with R20 - R40 million wanting to invest in the Events, Food or Hospitality








  •       3.   We have an investor wishing to purchase a profitable business with a value of R 1 million.


           4.   We have an investor who has R3 million availble to invest in 50% of a company and he wishes to work in the

                 company as the Financial Director.


           5.   We have investors with R200,000 to R5,000,000 who wish to invest in a profitable business that they can

                 earn a  monthly dividend.


           6.  Reputable BEE Group, with money available, wishes to buy into profitable businesses.

                Price R30 million - R100 million

                Huge Bee Group on the acquisition trail, looking for significant shareholding in successful businesses.

                Nothing under R30 million, and even more interested in investing up to R100 million in the right business.

                Already in the outdoor space, Mining services, Engineering sector, but would consider any sector.

            7.  We have an investor/client looking to buy and run a profitable nursery school in the Northern Suburbs.

            8.  A reputable Payroll Micro Lending Business is wishing to grow by acquisition, and would like to buy 100%

                 of an existing Payroll Micro Lending Business.

                 Size: R10 million - R50 million.

            9.  A public company in the IT space is on the acquisition trail. They are looking for companies with annuity

                 income, software orientated, with a history of profits. Preferably to sell 100%. Price from R5 million to R20


          10.  An experienced Beauty and Nail Specialist is looking to either buy or buy into, a salon in the Northern

                 Suburbs. She has up to a million Rand to invest. Her main criteria is the business is making excellent



          11.  An investor is looking to buy a commercially zoned property with Highway Frontage, such as on the N3, 

                 N17, M1, M2 etc., on which he intends to erect a double sided Billboard. He would also consider leasing a 20

                 square metre spot on a property with highway frontage, in order to erect his billboard. Price R2 to R5




     If you want to buy a business outright, or invest in a business on say a 50/50 share basis, feel free to contact us and allow us to make your dream come true. 

    We will find you the right business, so that you can grow exponentially.