Want to BUY  business


Our formula to success, is simply our mission statement,



Because we work specifically on businesses that we are selling for clients, and do not simply list them,  we do not keep a huge data base of general businesses for sale.

If you are looking to buy or invest in a business instead of taking pot luck with what is available on our data base, we prefer you to employ our professional services to find you what you want, namely-

1. We meet with the investor/buyer, who defines exactly what business he is looking for, and all the relevant criteria relevant thereto.

2. Armed with this information, our dedicated team of social media and resource consultants, market your requirements. This results in numerous target businesses, contacting us, to offer their businesses for sale.

3. We then meet with these interested companies, and undertake mini due diligences, to see if the companies meet your criteria.

4. Once satisfied that the business will be of interest to our investor, and with NDA’s and mandates signed, we introduce a number of potential businesses to the investor.

5. Fees are not charged if we are approached on an ad hoc basis, to offer an investor various businesses as they come up, and according to what we have on our database.

6. If an investor is serious about buying a business and employs our services to do so, we require an upfront deposit of R 20 000 to R 100 000, depending on the size of the business and the work involved.

7. We then actively find the business and charge a success fee of between 2% -5% to the investor/purchaser, less the upfront deposit.


If you are a potential investor in, or buyer of, a business- such enterprise making becomes a major decision, and will affect you and your loved ones, for many years to come. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish, and make a decision based on inadequate information.

Employ the experts, and find the right business for you!!